04 March 08 Construction of the boiler room gets underway

05 March 08 Accumulator vessel and boiler on site. Access for the vessel through building door was touch and go!

13 March 08 - Insulation and lining of boiler room walls, ceiling complete; vessel and boiler roughly in position
23 March 08 - Pipework for hot water circuit to underfloor heating manifold in place
Hey Neil, do you think I can get a tune out of this?
26 March 08 - Boiler circuit to accumulator vessel completed
30 March 08 - Heating circuits, expansion vessel and domestic hot water circuits completed
6 April 08 - Installation of control system underway
06 April 08 - Neil examines the flue stabiliser while Hugh looks on
14 April 08 - Boiler quench circuit complete and flue installation started.
14 April 08 - lower section of flue and electrical supplies complete, boiler panels installed
17 April 08 - Ceiling to roof section of flue completed
Hugh and Tony constructing the chimney box to match existing roof features
The finished chimney and flue terminal. From ground level it is an excellent match for the building vernacular.
20 April 08 - Underfloor heating manifold and control system completed
20 April 08 - The system is complete and ready for commissioning
20 April 08 - The system is complete and ready for commissioning
John doing a bit of hard labour
First consignment of logs from Dunnet Forestry Trust loaded in the log store, split and ready for burning
22 April 08 - Commissioning day - Peter de la Haye inspects the flue

First pieces of wood kindling in place in preparation for firing

Peter de la Haye lights the boiler for the first time

Signs of life visible. Burning takes place from top down under influence of flue fan. Wood is gassified in process and burns in chamber below, transferring heat to water through a heat exchanger arrangement

First signs of life!! This is actually steam as excess water is vapourised out of the burning timber
Commissioning is successful - everything worked first time. Peter hands over the commissioning certificate to Neil