Located on the most northernly coast on the mainland of Scotland, Castletown in Caithness is frequently referred to as the 'Flagstone Village' reflecting its deep association with the quarrying and export of high quality flagstone as paving and construction material by the 18th century improver and founder of the Castlehill flagstone industry, James Traill.

Important though the flagstone industry was, Castletown and the surrounding Parish of Olrig has a much bigger story to tell, revealing a rich and diverse social, enconomic and archaeological heritage stretching from its earliest origins in pre-history, the impact of Viking habitation, the strategic role played by RAF Castletown in the defence of Scapa Flow and the north British coastal waters during World War II, to the present day. Castletown Heritage Society seeks to bring this story to life, and in doing so preserve the unique character, history and traditions of the village of Castletown and the Parish of Olrig.

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We invite you to visit our award winning Castlehill Heritage Centre. Themed exhibitions and displays are held throughout the year featuring the industrial, maritime, military, agricultural and social heritage of Castletown and the Parish of Olrig. PLAN YOUR VISIT TO CASTLEHILL HERITAGE CENTRE.

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